Episode 61 – Shawn Toma


Jake first met Shawn Toma over ten years ago when he was painting a mural in a gym. They struck up a friendship but lost touch until just recently. Shawn is an Artist, aspiring Comedian and hosts his own podcast show called “That’ll Learn Ya”. Jake and Shawn catch up after ten lengthy years and it’s hilarious. Sit back, relax and enjoy this great convo between two buddies.


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Episode 60 – Scott Hilder


Scott Hilder is a professional comedian from Kelowna, B.C. He sits down in studio with Jake and talks all things career, comedy and what the future has in store. Scott talks about how he started out in comedy, reminisces some dynamite gigs and talks about where he ultimately wants to end up. This is a great interview with a truly funny guy. Check it out.

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Episode 59 – Carolyn Kennedy


Carolyn Kennedy is an Actress, Executive Producer and was recently cast in “Vulcan: To Boldly Go”. She sits down with Jake in studio and discusses her career and how she got there. They talk about the acting industry in and around Calgary, Producing your own content and how no matter how big this industry gets, it’s still a small community.

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Episode 58 – Ben Cannon w/special co-host Jason Hirsch


Ben Cannon is an up and coming comedian in Calgary. Ben, Jake and co-host Jason Hirsch sit down and get down to business. We talk how Ben got into comedy, his love for the art and his five year plan in the landscape biz. Don’t miss this fascinating interview and get ready for your sides to ache from laughing.

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Episode 57 – Jason Wan Lim


Jason Wan Lim is a Filmmaker and Producer with an unreal backstory. Jason joins Jake in studio to talk all about his journey and how he ended up making feature films. From quitting his bartending job to film school, Jason is a pretty amazing example of someone who’s out there turning his dreams into a reality.  Jason discusses his first film project, learning how to wear a lot of different business hats, his latest production and how he sat and talked to Julia Stiles all evening without realizing who she was. Want to find out about the film industry and some amazing people in it? Check out this interview!

Jason Wan Lim at Nocturnal Studios

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Episode 56 – Robin Bowen (Rodney’s Oyster House)


Robin Bowen is the Executive Chef at Rodney’s Oyster House. He sits down with Jake live from Rodney’s where they talk everything from his humble beginnings to his rise to running one of Calgary’s most critically acclaimed restaurant. Robin is no holds barred, which is refreshing to hear. They cover reality shows, the passion it takes to make it to the top and the importance of giving opportunities for those who are coming up next. Want to know the magic of behind the scenes? Tune in to this amazing interview!

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Episode 55 – Tom Atencio



Tom Atencio is a legend in the mixed martial arts community. Although commonly known as the “t-shirt guy”, he’s much more than just that. He’s been around since the beginning and is the man behind many successful companies and brands that have influenced the clothing world for years. Tom sits down with Jake from Southern California where they discuss the history of mixed martial arts, the clothing scene back in the day and his time spent as the Vice-President of Affliction. Tom also talks about his newest venture “Lambs to Lions” and how he’s since returned to his roots. An amazing episode with a true legend of the game!

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Episode 54 – Barbara Spain (Cleaver Restaurant)


Barbara Spain is all about taking chances. If moving from Ireland isn’t one in itself, how about opening a brand new restaurant in Calgary’s most trendiest locations right on 17th Avenue? Barbara joins Jake for a sit down inside her newest restaurant “Cleaver” where she talks all about her journey and how she ended up with one of Calgary’s hottest new spots to eat. From traditional Irish fare to European and Asian influences, Cleaver is quickly gaining a reputation for the place to be if you want exceptional food and creative cocktails.  From apprenticing in Ireland to working 18 hour days to get her new restaurant off the ground, we cover it all! Come check out this amazing episode with one of my favorite guests. And be sure to mention my name when you go visit Barbara and the amazing Alex Rivera at Cleaver!


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Episode 53 – Richard Bartrem



WestJet is Canada’s “go to” airline when it comes to good deals and amazing service. They’re also very savvy when it comes to marketing and getting behind some great causes in the community. But what is it about this place that gives employees a reason to smile so much? I sit down with Richard Bartrem, Vice-President of Communications and Community Relations at WestJet to find out a little bit more about just one of the talented people that work behind the scenes. Richard talks growing up a Montreal kid and how he found his way west to come work for one of the world’s biggest players in the airline industry. We talk the WestJet culture, viral videos, how important community engagement is and just what team Richard is secretly cheering for during the NHL playoffs. An amazing interview with an incredible guest, tune in!

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Episode 52 – Marie Mouté


Marie Mouté is an actress and one of the stars of the Dominique-Strauss-Kahn inspired film, “Welcome to New York” and has graced both television and film with memorable performances. Marie sits down with Jake from Los Angeles where they discuss growing up in Europe, the road to becoming an actress and her passion for film and exploring new roles. Marie talks about what it was like working with legendary Director, Abel Ferrara and the incredible cast (Gerard Depardieu & Jacqueline Bisset) in her latest movie role. An amazing interview with a talented actress you won’t want to miss.  

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