Episode 17 – Mitch Clarke


After knowing each other for years, Jake finally gets a sit down with Mitch Clarke to discuss his career in the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Mitch talks about life in Canada, his job before fighting, his climb to the UFC and of course his awesome family in Canada and the new ones he now trains with in Arizona. Plus, Jake gets a sweet play by play of Mitch’s recently awarded “performance of the night” on the UFC 173 card and gets a lesson on just what in the hell “dainties” are. 

Mitch Clarke on Twitter

Mitch’s record on Sherdog


  1. I am not senile……yet.

  2. Great interview with a pretty humble guy! Honestly not what I expected from a UFC fighter. I’m not a fan of combat sports but I am a fan of anyone who works hard and pursues their dreams. Good on you Mitch!

  3. Loved the intro! Great interview. Starting to like these more and more.

    Ken in Florida.

  4. Mitch’s last fight was sik! I didn’t know if he was gonna stick around the UFC for to long but he’s shown he belong their with his last two outings. Sounds like a good dude.

  5. Great interview! Mitch Clarke seems like he’s genuine guy, no bravado or tough guy image. Just a down to earth competitive guy who works hard at his craft. Looking forward to your next fight.


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