Episode 21 – Lauren Hammersley


The delightful Lauren Hammersley stops by to discuss her role on the hit show “Mr. D”.  She tells Jake about growing up in western Canada, anxiety filled auditions and what it was like working on the set of a B level horror movie before getting her big break. Throw in some great advice for up and coming actors and you have yourself an interview with a sincere, down to earth girl who’s truly enjoying her rise to the top.

Lauren on Twitter

Lauren on IMDB

Lauren on Mr. D



  1. Loved this episode! Lauren has such an infectious laugh and is funny as hell. Definitely made a fan of me.

  2. I could listen to Lauren’s laugh all day! Like the person said above me, definitely “infectious”. You should of explored the horror movie story further, that was epic!

  3. Great interview and my God Jake, you DO have a voice for broadcasting! MORE COMEDY from you!

  4. This was another great episode of someone I didn’t really know too much about. I ended up going and watching Mr. D on Netflix and it’s actually a really hilarious show. Lauren is a great fixture on the show and not hard on the eyes either!

  5. Lauren is hot!!! Love her and love Gerry Dee on the show. Honestly didn’t think the show would last past the first season but I agree, they found their groove after the first.


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