Episode 26 – Jason Day

jason day

Jake and Jason Day share an interesting connection as they never knew each other growing up in the same small town of 4,000 people, only to meet years later in the even smaller community of southern Alberta mixed martial arts. Jason sits down for a chat and nothing is left untouched. They discuss his rise to the Ultimate Fighting Championships, dealing with the fame that came with it and how quickly it was all taken away after a car accident left Jason unable to compete again. They also talk about how he bounced back and embarked on a new career in acting and stunt work. Throw in some great stories of hanging out back in the day, all the interesting characters they know together and how the lessons he learned as a child still help guide his life today.

This episode is dedicated to Wyatt Lewis who was tragically taken from us back on Sept 1, 2012. Jake shares some great stories all while paying homage to the friend he still sorely misses to this day.


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  1. Would love to hear some round table podcasting with these two handsome well spoken men! Great tribute to your friend, another great interview!


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