Episode 27 – Roland Vandal



Roland Vandal’s story is one that usually doesn’t end well. By the time he was 13, he was already descending into a life of gangs and drug addiction. By 2002, Roland had hit rock bottom. Living in a hotel room with only three bags of clothes to his name, he ended up on the bathroom floor after a failed suicide attempt. It was at that moment, Roland decided to change his life around. Roland joins Jake for an honest and open sit down conversation where they discuss alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual abuse and living with post traumatic stress disorder. Roland also tells the amazing story of how his life turned around. Recently named one of Winnipeg’s Top 40 Leaders, Roland has since embarked on an inspirational journey of self reflection and becoming the voice for people who have found themselves on that same path. Motivational Speaker, Boxing Coach, Advocate & Author. This is one interview that you won’t want to miss.

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Roland’s Website: Breaking the Chain

Roland on Twitter

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  1. Inspiring story! Love the diversity of your guests!


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