Episode 30 – The Clayton Miller Story


Maureen and Gervaise Miller have been fighting for justice in their son’s case for over twenty four years. In May of 1990, their 17 year old son, Clayton, was found after a police raid on a teenage drinking party in the woods known as “the nest” in New Waterford, Nova Scotia. Clayton wasn’t found until two days after the party and the condition of his body immediately arose suspicion of the way he died. After years of inquests and inquiries going nowhere, the case has recently been re-opened after a retired nurse from Cape Breton found major inconsistencies in the previously performed autopsies. This is a story of Police coverups, evidence tampering and the tireless fight his parents took on in the pursuit of justice for over 24 years.

Special thanks to Maureen and Gervase for allowing me to share their story. And special thanks to Ottawa Citizen reporter Gary Dimmock for allowing me to use his investigative article throughout the show.

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  1. Very well done, Mr. Hirsch ( and Maureen Miller) A BIG” thank you for publicizing this 24 year old conspiracy. It was done in a very professional, informative and compassionate manner. As a former resident of New Waterford, NS -myself ( now residing in Calgary) – My heart breaks for the Miller family and what they’ve endured over the past 24 years and I’m sure I am speaking on behalf of the 8,500 + loyal and dedicated supporters on Facebook ” Justice For Clayton Miller” site. They will never stand alone again! There are too many inconsistencies and facts ignored – Involving government officials ( doctors, police, RCMP, and further up the line). More information on injusticebusters also Canada’s Unsolved Murders! R.I.P. Dear Clayton ! God Bless this family and almost 9,000 supporters in finding peace, closure and JUSTICE! Thank you!

  2. wow this story is something else ..My god pleace help the millers this has to be solved for the millers and everyone else ..My heart is so broken for the millers .God bless them Justiceforclayton..

  3. I have known Maureen and Gervy since 1993 . I personally am blown away by their steadfast persuit for justice and their patience in their persistance in doing so. As a mother I would be the one jail for I would not be so patient – justice would be carried out by me. These parents are angels here on earth and I pray every day for some one who will finally help Maureen and Gervy get justice for their beautiful boy

  4. Thank you Maureen and Gervy for sharing, my heart goes out to you.

  5. Keep going guys! We have your back!

  6. Mr and Mrs Miller and family..May you find the peace you deserve…


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