Episode 39 – Julian Farino


Julian Farino is a film and television director and started out as an award winning documentarian. But it’s his work as a Director that brought him four Emmy and Directors Guild of America Nominations. He has sat in the director’s chairs for some of the biggest shows in television history. And when I say some of the biggest shows, that’s exactly what they are.  Sex & The City, Big Love, The Office, How To Make it in America, Rome, The Newsroom, Hello Ladies, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and of course, the legendary show, Entourage just to name a few. And did I mention he was also the man behind the movie, “the Oranges”?

Julian chats with Jake from Florida where he’s shooting his new show, “Ballers” starring the Rock, Dwayne Johnson. He discusses growing up in the U.K., his transition to America and how it was making one of the world’s most popular shows, “Entourage”. Julian also talks about some upcoming projects and how he turned his passion for film into reality on the screen.

Julian Farino on IMDB

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