Episode 43 – JD Lewis


Many of you recognize the voice and hilarious comedic takes of today’s guest when he wakes you up every morning on the Gerry Forbes show from 5 to 10 am during the week. But it’s his quick witted insight, youthful presence, talent and overall warm personality that ultimately wins you over. Being in the presence of greatness can either humble you or motivate you and my guest has done the latter, building an even bigger empire with loyal morning listeners and fans of his show all the while filling the shoes of his predecessor. He’s young, talented and rules the morning airwaves throughout Calgary.

JD sits down with Jake for a personal one on one, where they talk growing up in small town Alberta to fulfilling a life long  dream of becoming a host on one of the biggest radio shows in Canada.  Throw in some hilarious radio stories, insightful life advice and how not to travel in Europe, and you have one of the best interviews Jake has ever done.

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