Episode 49 – Jay Semko


With over thirty years in the business, Jay Semko is a certified Canadian music legend. Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Voiceover Artist, Jay has done it all. Jay catches up with Jake while on tour in Ontario where he talks about the Northern Pikes, his solo career and what it’s like composing soundtracks for television and film.  They talk about performing on some of the biggest stages, getting inducted into the Western Canadian Music Hall of Fame and his most recent nominations for his new solo album, “Flora Vista.”  Jay discusses what it was like being at the forefront of the Canadian music scene and how it changed the lives of four young guys from Saskatoon.

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Jay Semko on Twitter

Jay’s Website

Jay’s new album Flora Vista

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  1. Great interview with Jay Semko of Northern Pikes and singer songwriter extraordinaire! The great thing about Jake is that even if you know the guest personally you will almost certainly be guaranteed to find out something new thru Jake. Knows when and what questions to ask and when to let the guest take over! Loved it


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